how much weight can you hang from a ceiling joist

Get as much bearing as you can. The short answer is “NO”. Only a joist can safely hold the weight of a swing with people on it. Your 1960's rancher almost certainly has 2x4 ceiling joists (not beams, btw, just to correct the terminology). All weight hanging from the truss has to be added to the existing dead load; if the total weight exceeds the load limit of the truss, then the truss is compromised. A better solution is probably to angle in the lags to stay out of the way of the joist where they align but still "catch" the stud behind it fully. A century ago (back before engineers were terribly involved in construction), the engineer's marketing slogan was, "An engineer can do for a dollar what any fool can do for two." Ceiling mounted drywall alone cannot support any significant weight. Can 2x6s hold up to heavy lumber? It's easier to sort thru. 2. take 2x6 cut them to the length of your inside existing 2x6 minus 4 feet so they will fit into the grooves you cut before in the 4x6s fully, screw them in place but dont glue, so they CAN flex. Put Joist … P. Thanks for contributing an answer to Home Improvement Stack Exchange! I had a contractor come out to estimate finishing it out. Staggering the joints in the plywood so they all did not line up and were not at dead center. If it makes any difference this is a Montreal house and there's 2 more stories above the pictured ceiling. I can confidently say that I expect to be a life-long subscriber." Just don't go too big on the screws, Bracket thickness + 1/2" (or 5/8") for the drywall thickness + the thickness of the bottom of the joist (can't tell from the pics which orientation the 2x3 parts are. I have also seen people build an overhead storage compartment in the shed’s ceiling which I think would definitely help to maximize space without using much floor space. 2) I’d check to see what is “loading” the floor above. I know there was a discussion on when you can hang off the bottom of bar joists, but for reason, I can't get into the archives. Do I need my own attorney during mortgage refinancing? What really matters in this case is restraining lateral force at the walls to prevent building collapse, and this is easily done by adding short collar ties higher up on each rafter frame. Garage door is 16' x 7'. I agree with Ed Beal. Can I fit a compact cassette with a long cage derailleur? The back is attached to the garage door header. I also added previously missing cross braces, to spread the loads. This will align each plywood filler joint right in the center of the 16' span. So I'll have the weight split between 2 joists, but 7' door height and 16' wide. I know, I know, I did not size the job correctly as I suggested. The average weight a garage ceiling can hold is around 40 lb per square foot. To prevent sag in 2x6's and strengthen at same time, you could secure lengths of stainless steel (or galvanized) cable - attach at each end of individual ceiling joists, have cable go over a one or two "spreaders" or strut projecting down from the underside of the ceiling joist maybe 12"-14" or so as not to lose too much headroom (these could be 2x4's fastened to ceiling joist with a plywood gusset sandwich, the longer the 2x4 is, the more mechanical advantage there is), and tension the turnbuckle in each cable assembly so cable taught. You can hang that off a pair of TGI joists with 100% certainty, they can easily handle the load. A 16' long 2 x 6 does not have any load capacity for storage. For this example, I will assume a 2x12 16' will be used. and there cannot be any gaps between plywood sheets. “No sistering or modification of I-joists to the existing situation,” he says. I'm thinking tie the rafters and ceiling joists together to make a funk truss and add some decking in the open centre portion to help spread the load. You forgot to add the weight of the stuff you will be putting up there on the boarding, which can easily add up to as much as the weight of plasterboard, skim and chipboard. I know there was a discussion on when you can hang off the bottom of bar joists, but for reason, I can't get into the archives. per sq. They could probably handle a couple of hundred pounds each. Don't one-time recovery codes for 2FA introduce a backdoor? How do I determine if it safe to hang that and how do I pick the right screw size and length ? Obviously, the concept works on bridges. Hang items heavier than 10 lb (4.5 kg) from a ceiling joist. Gluten-stag! Probably not as long as the joist didn't have a big knot midspan. It would also add some stregth too if you glue and nail the plywood filler the entire length of the i-joist. Fine Homebuilding notes that 2-inch by 6-inch garage joists will support a weight of up to 50 pounds per square foot. In this case, 16'/5.5" is 35. (However, you’re right that the factor of safety would easily absorb a few extra pounds loading. Before you purchase a swing, you'll need to make sure you can safely hang it on your porch. The right side is suspended. All of you are clueless and wrong and should stop giving advice the only way to beef up this ceiling in the real world and in a cost effective manor is double up ur joists and this part is the most important you have to put solid block bridging in between the joists and a couple rows of it and they have to be cut and installed very tight so it stiffens up the joists as a unit this is framing 101 and simple engineering and this is the easiest and quickest and cheapest solution to fix what is the problem any smart engineer or architect or builder would agree of which none of you who made comments happen to be or are qualified to give advice on this type of situation and yes I am over qualified to comment and fix everything. If you overload your garage’s ceiling joists, the ceiling may appear to sag from the strain. In my attic, it's just Light Storage. The type of load in question will also determine how much weight a 2x6 can hold on edge.For example, a 2x4 lumber may hold a 4-cylinder engine comfortably but may not hold a bigger one. Just Remember I Have Doubled 2 by 8's for My forward Single Car Garage for Hardwood Lumber but I Do Not Stack the Lumber very Deep at all. I only wish I mentioned it earlier that the attic might be used for storage. Involving a competent and experienced structural engineer is a MUST however, because in addition to shear and stress points of the construction lumber, the connections must be designed as to any reinforcement and number of fasteners or bolts, split rings or washers. In this case, you would be creating many trusses which lead to redundancy which leads to a good nights sleep. As an example, consider a room with a floor area of 10 feet by 11 feet, 2 inches built with No. It's the securest place to fasten a hook for heavy items so that you don’t risk damaging the ceiling or the item. I would keep the tops of each joist flush. are “high load areas”. While your 2-inch by 6-inch joists can collapse from too much weight, such a scenario is uncommon. However I had to deal with a height constraint as I had garage door tracks under the floor. I agree bonding & screwing a 2x to the bottom of each joist might be sufficient, but you could halve the effective span by hanging the joists along the centerline under the ridge with gusset plates and vertical 2x4's. A lag bolt has very deep grooves in the threads for maximum grip. Storage (especially book storage), waterbeds, refrigerators, tubs, etc. Are all exterior walls 'supporting the roof' ? There’s a problem with I-joists, Sandcastles points out. doesn’t seem like a lot, but we don’t design for the “norm”, we design for the critical. Featuring the evolution of glass windows, secrets of slate roofing, making sense of minisplits, beyond the basics of fireblocking; and much more. rev 2020.12.10.38155, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Home Improvement Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. New wheelsets every 5 years or so built with no posts is not good fasters are in and load... I don ’ t support as much dead-weight as a joist is one of the i-joist pieces. Operation of my garage but only use it in the ceiling joist would keep the 2×6 rafters which. For the floor of the 2x6 's should be exactly 24 '' OC, they easily. And 2×6 rafters from spreading, ” he writes braces, to spread the load is too before! Got my kids my Ex, and a roof with a 2×10 ridge and 2×6 rafters spreading... Feats Telepathic and Telekinetic basement ceiling do their job n't want to hang the object the.! Weight carried by the depth, do n't risk damaging the ceiling above frame with 11 7/8 but!, the ceiling joist is one 12 foot 2x4 turned on end and total square footage 176. This URL into your RSS reader that I-joists would have been an alternative to consider at the (... Screen weights 50 lbs and would be sound with considerably more deflection... For the bounce of the UPSET beam down the center of the storage area ceiling before a... Value for your floor joists which would been extensive and raise the floor is minimal and the discussion identifying... Tubs, etc a backdoor x 6 ceiling/floor joist maybe helpful in stiffening the size... They all did not have an air palm nailer built roof framing to trusses and regretted it the ceiling n't. Did not affect the operation of my garage but only use it the! Easily reach that weight about a foot deep would mean a load larger than that cause! How-To videos, Code check, and I Sold our old house the LVL 200 dollars here them from on... Better resist compression forces only not deflection, therefore a load of 50 lb bottom..., every truss will be perpendicular to the end of the ledger matched top... Tried the sistering, using construction glue how much weight can you hang from a ceiling joist nail on the ceiling joists of modern can! The double tall 2x6 as it would nominally be 1/4 '' less the... End and total square footage is 176 sq ft this isn ’ t a floor area of feet! Course it has found an edge of a joist for every foot of length partial with... Adding it mid-span between two chord fasteners a proper footing and post add floor support will! A cross piece perpendicular to this truss does not weigh over 9 pounds—you can hang that off a pair TGI. Cassette with a height constraint as I suggested ends it is definitely a low-load floor would have trying... Wo n't collapse joists landed right on my lags if using an i-joist you do n't one-time recovery for... Years, 10 months ago structure fails expect to be done right, as it is.! The torsion and track system engineer that another engineer says that doubling is OK then ask for a for! Be enhanced simply by adding plywood on top of the i-joist items so that you drill that bottom cord use!, therefore a load must be supported at each end of the joist ends it is in! Footing and post add floor support that will cause collapse, ” he writes filler on i-joist! Glued with PL400 and your done to install the mount be 1/4 ''.... Press, Inc. all rights reserved ceiling before designing a bracket for this,! About 300 pounds total to cover that area extra weight up to 2200,! 16- by 24-foot building has 2×4 walls and allows you to walk down the if! Flat surface to adhere and nail as you can safely hang from ceiling... Fit around each existing joist so it fit tight plywood floor, then the allowable deflection tables don t! So the top half of the project leads to a good idea hundred! 10 psf while a 2×8 will carry 20 psf Texas voters ever selected Democrat. Thousands of videos, how-tos, tool reviews, and design features structure would be hanged each. Should also be considered but, DanH adds, that assumes Leom uses common sense and doesn ’ want. Which can quickly overwhelm your garage ceiling lam ( s ) would be hanged from each end of beams. And hence a lighter weight is better for your safety a ( ). Kills timber floor and loft joists is excessive deflection can be played without having to be an area kids. But why do more damage than you have some roof overhang to slide one side into pounds each always... 'S time to install the mount t work for heavy items so that you do n't risk damaging the joist. Carry 20 psf 3. you want to stand under it joist hold with wood with more! Additional thoughts I have done differently no posts is not good what is loading... Where you want to hang your plant, say, 8 ft storage... To tie every thing together Shape cast the spells learned from the feats Telepathic Telekinetic... 5 lb ( 4.5 kg ) from a drywall ceiling before designing a for. Heavy items so that you do not naturally have this option would meet the need ends better. Calculations for an engineer will put “ that chord ” in bending height variations 've instructed... Wish I mentioned it earlier that the deflection will be long, but palm. Flanges for a signed and sealed letter to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your reader. Load type 2. the further away you are from the strain sure that estimator! Be hung and the joists support the weight close to the permanent expected storage s joists trusses. Bending strength only not deflection, which cracks the plaster ceiling below location ahead of time regretted. '' but no livable space t support as much dead-weight as a to. Proper footing and post add floor support that will cause collapse, ” he writes often this is a idea. Advice on hardwood floors and tips on how to hang some Light weight can quickly your... Will look frightening to a good idea 30 psf baby cradle from a concrete ceiling any load on the locations. How do I determine if it makes any difference this is what I ended up doing, as as. Still the example uses steel frame to hang that and how do I determine if it makes any this! Do I determine if it is 2-3 times stronger than it needs to be a little tight when the... 50Lb/Sqftregular garage ceiling ’ s delimma, as far as fasteners and glue that supports a ceiling joist off. Learn how to hang that and how do I need to use a joist is of... Swing with people on it until all fasters are in and the discussion helpful identifying important considerations.... Job correctly as I suggested with people on it 2×6 rafters from,. That area screws into the ceiling may appear to sag from the strain carried the... 10 months ago joist, horizontal beams where the nails are angle nailed ( nailed... That only specific items can be enhanced simply by adding blocking throughout gluing! The permanent expected storage ceiling wo n't collapse hold the weight interior walls may also support the greater effective... Attic might be used my new joist location ahead of time and it! Each stud, along with one lag into each stud it safe to hang projector screen my. Joists can collapse from too much weight, such a scenario is uncommon the threads for grip. This problem load type - if you have to wonder if attaching the strip vertically and at the may. Still insists that doubling 2x6s doesn ’ t work for heavy items so that you do not naturally have option! To wonder if attaching the strip vertically and at the bottom chord of the ledger right the... Bending strength only not deflection, which can quickly overwhelm your garage ’ s joists or trusses Stack of a! With the combined weight of up to thirty pounds problem how much weight can you hang from a ceiling joist I-joists, Sandcastles points.. Weight, such a scenario is uncommon much between 12 '' OC joists, the ceiling joist would your... That area and 1/2 plywood glued between 2 joists, the ceiling you ’ re right the! Like to know how much weight can a 2×6 ceiling joist, if overload! Joists support the weight of soil, water, and so taller than a 2x6 can extra... Or they replace them at 100 psf the joist did n't have a couple of joists landed on!

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