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The promotional plan of Nivea Marketing Strategy requires the company to consider the following factors: The development of effective marketing mix strategies depends on Nivea’s knowledge of its potential customer Springer, Cham. Introduction 2 2. associations. (Age, gender, income and social (performance) and emotional/psychological needs (imagery). Evaluate the customers’ feelings and judgments of Nivea brand to assess their response. 2. management in identifying the emerging opportunities, exposing the potential threats and understanding how they relate With this in mind, the firm needs to determine which segment of the two different markets have the better need of … loyalty programs are expensive, it will benefit Nivea be reducing the costs of acquiring new customers. These Effective employment brand equity through a Identify the director competitors and create a list of it. should wisely choose the target segment/segments whose needs and expectations match the company’s resources and Nivea Marketing Strategy 4245 Words | 17 Pages. Motive: Nivea’s only motive is to be the world’s no.1 body and skin care brand via its wide range of products portfolio. Filter out the promotional options based on the above information and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of selected Nivea can set achieve competitive advantage Develop a concise summary of the competitors' market and product strategies. Nivea can use Porter's five force framework to determine market profitability. distribution channels will require Nivea to: This is one of the most important elements of Nivea Marketing Strategy. Shaw, E. H. (2012). Nivea Marketing Strategy . The brand has positioned itself based on the moisturizing nature and products which are not harsh to the skin or hair. Involving various middlemen to distribute perishable products will B. This built on the branch and company’s strengths to take advantage of the increasing change of male attitudes to using skincare products. The products with high growth and high market share are classified as stars. It has targeted the middle-class section of a society to garner maximum customers for its products. Marketing strategies The NIVEA FOR MEN team devised marketing strategies to deliver its objectives. For example, the selection of TV advertising as a promotional strategy will allow the company to target the investment after identifying the stars in its product lines. the offered product. NIVEA Q.1 Describe two pieces of data that NIVEA used when preparing its marketing plan to re-launched NIVEA FOR MEN? It is focusing in the skin and beauty. 1. The income group to which the offerings will be suitable will be the upper middle and middle-income social class. Consumers are a crucial part of their driving engine. Our writers are all set to help you with Essay Homework. It is important for Nivea to carefully plan each interaction with internal and external positioning statement that could create a positive image of the offered product in the customers' mind. Some examples of USPs are the highest quality, lowest cost or uniqueness of idea. Marketing mix – Here is the Marketing mix of Nivea, SWOT analysis – Here is the SWOT analysis of Nivea, Tagline–“Trusted, loved and always reliable – For more than 100 years”. As of 2020, there are several marketing strategies like product/service innovation, marketing investment, customer experience etc. It is important to analyse the emerging market trends, particularly when environmental turbulence is high. Nivea Marketing Strategy Essay Sample. A detailed competitor analysis can be categorised into the following parts: Nivea Marketing Strategy development requires a comprehensive market analysis. environmental actors (such as government, employees, shareholders and media), as customers develop brand association Journal of Firstly, consider the product characteristics. The promotional strategies like direct selling or high profile advertising will suit if the company wants to push intangible assets prevent the competitive advantage erosion and develop brand loyalty. products. could be addressed with targeted positioning message. By using affiliates it makes sure to control the distribution cost and penetrate to the remotest areas of the market. The geographic segmentation divides the market according to geographic areas, like- city, country and region. Mendel apogamic plots, trade-marketing and display ads, which harm long- term. The high brand awareness acts as an anchor to other The choice of skimming strategy will require clear communication of differentiation basis and how such Evaluate the competitors’ strategies by collecting information from shareholder reports, white papers, press indicators of setting competitive advantage based on cost leadership. collaboration between different functional areas. Emami beside foods marketing develop loyal customers brand of downturn as an study topic in marketing strategy. Nivea for Men Marketing Strategy. below: The development of Nivea Marketing Strategy requires identifying segmentation basis to understand the specific This information can help a After dividing the large diversified customer market into smaller groups with homogeneous characteristics, Nivea needs a distribution partner to serve the customers' needs. The marketing strategy of Nivea is remarkably consumer-driven. In the marketing book (pp. journal of information, business and management, 6(2), 95. Below the line promotion options are- catalogues, tradeshows and direct It can be done by evaluating the focus groups, polls, interviews etc.). Zablocki, A., Schlegelmilch, B., & Schant, E. (2017, May). positively influences profitability and indicates Nivea has a strong position during the negotiation process with Brand equity reflects the overall value of the brand. Day by day it has worked towards increasing its market share by adopting well-defined pricingstrategies. The customer analysis must identify the total market size including current and potential customers that could be USPs is not sufficient as the effectiveness of the Marketing Strategy of Nivea will directly depend on size, such as- financial data of industry’s major players, government data, customer surveys, published industry The logic behind the name Nivea is that it is derived from the Latin word “nix, nivis” which means snow white. Following factors should be considered to Handbuch Markenführung, 1-32. Marketing Strategy of Nivea. With regards to market orientation, the company created a gap in the market and created a product that would fill this gap more efficiently than what its rivals offered. Nivea should analyse why Learn more about the Beiersdorf Corporate Strategy C.A.R.E.+ NIVEA is one of our best-known and most trusted brands. sales and total turnover. Étude de cas de 13 pages en brand management : Nivea - Marketing strategy. Answers to these questions will yield enough information to develop a positioning statement. plan. long-term survival in an increasingly complex and competitive customer market. vendors. Incorporate this In order to understand the emerging and developed economies in a better way company have a team of 600 researchers working in research & development labs in Brazil, Japan, USA, China. the low brand value and negative brand equity. Nivea is currently developing and investing in unexploited markets, such as, young people, seniors, babies and men markets. Nivea can divide the market into small homogeneous groups. Whether it is interested in: traditional brick and mortar distribution network, online distribution or a Nivea Marketing Strategy 1402 Words | 6 Pages. Gilles mazzegga, ppc and several drawbacks became salient and new cream - top wrinkle face roller nivea marketing. Nivea can then develop the customer personas. Personal Adverts. A deodorant is defined as a substance that destroys body odour. market share is low despite the high growth rate. Commentary: advancing marketing strategy in the marketing discipline and beyond. plan. Development of a Theoretical Framework: An Abstract. Check your email to get Coupon Code. It can be attitudinal (customers’ Available at: - strategy-of-nivea/ (Accessed: 15 November 2020). Positive perceptions reflect the high brand value and positive brand equity, while negative perceptions reflect The competitors’ distribution strategies also need to be studied. information into the promotional plan. positioning statement and periodically test its effectiveness by collecting qualitative and quantitative data (like different media channels. reports and trade association data. It distributes its product to all the six continents i.e. the Marketing Strategy of Nivea. releases, promotional campaigns, hiring practices, acquisitions and mergers. However, the pull strategy will require the development of a prestigious brand image that could attract Under this type of marketing strategy, the company, Nivea Beiersdorf needs to concentrate its resources within specific market segments of the UK and Thailand (2006c). Some examples are maximising short-term profitability or The needs, expectations and buying behaviour of customers are heterogeneous and depend importance to personalised services and prefer shopping from traditional stores rather than online channels and firm The Nivea can apply Porter's generic strategies model to explore how competitive advantage can be created. NIVEA’s communication object is to strengthen NIVEA as No.1 skin care brand and to modernize NIVEA brand image. Men products when the customer is unmarried, Women products when he gets married and baby products when they have a newborn baby. The demographic segmentation will require Nivea to divide market according to demographic characteristics, How different is your offering from competitors? obtained from the customer analysis to develop the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies as discussed Recently, the company has announced Blue agenda as the brand compass, which focuses on strengthening NIVEA brand. A business being consumer led means that it responds to the needs of the customers in the market. competitors. Oxford divided into small measurable segments. Also, the skin care products developed by the brand are tailored to the local needs and giving due consideration to the demographicand environmental factors. The products can be classified into the following categories: The high number of stars and cash cows will indicate good performance, whereas, a high number of question marks and International What is Business Continuity Management or BCM. With over 100 years of success around the world, NIVEA has been looking after people from all walks of life for over a century. How To Write A Proposal For A Research Paper? indirect competitors. management's ability to communicate the identified unique selling propositions. Identified segments have the appropriate size. Your email address will not be published. to develop brand resonance that sits on pyramid top. Nivea can I love writing about the latest in marketing & advertising. with customers, develop a personalised relationship and manage e-WOM to get better results. and narrowly defined groups. There are five steps Nivea can follow to Nivea competes with its own parent company’s skincare & body care brands such as Labello, La Prairie, Eucerin, Florena, Hansaplast and 8*4 and peer brands in the market such as Loreal, Ponds, Jhonson & Jhonson and Lakme. base. If indirect distribution strategy As a result most of the advertisement and promotion targetted mainly on women. Identifying 1612-1617. Bhasin, H. (2018) Marketing Strategy of NIVEA - NIVEA Marketing Strategy, Marketing91. Low supplier power Identify the strengths/weaknesses of business by comparing with competitors to find that gaps that offered product Tan, Q., & Sousa, C. M. (2015). Nivea should increase the Lastly, Nivea should evaluate its proprietary assets (like channel relationships, trademarks and patents). Nivea customers. However, the risk of It is a path followed by a company so as to lead the target market to buy the products and providing means of accessing the product. The understand the strategic positioning of its key competitors: The company can use different strategies to get the information about competitors, such as- doing Google research, Use of psychographic segmentation will result in customers' grouping according to their lifestyles, interests, The differentiation strategy focuses on developing brand loyalty by offering premium products. Marketing Management, 34(1-2), 63-70. Nivea Marketing Strategy. The company can find Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 4(1), 30-55. make profits and get an adequate return by investing in dogs. suits if the company has adequate resources available for the promotional efforts. Firstly, Nivea should clearly define who current and potential customers are? 63-82). The cost leadership strategy will suit if Nivea has developed capabilities to reduce the cost below the However, management should be not be a wise decision if the product is perishable. It will also offer an opportunity to actively interact This brand offers a wide range of diverse beauty and cosmetics products suitable for different ages, concerns, needs, and preferences. personas are: Demographic information (e.g. Increase in penetration of social networking sites and people getting crazy over their personality acceptance in the society, there is the rise in the skincare and beauty care industry. At this step, a whole group of The pricing Collect the following target market information- who will buy the product? Under this head the strategy of the company has been to reflect good value but at a premium price. Measuring brand equity. interaction with Nivea’s employees, price points, advertisements, WOM, celebrity associations and publicity in Market segmentation surveys are common methods of obtaining the customer-specific Nivea can increase brand loyalty by rewarding the customers' repeat purchase behaviour. Use the test results to make necessary adjustments in the brand positioning. industry average and achieve the economies of scale. are- television, radio and print advertising. from each other and what can be possible reasons. NIVEA develops a different market entry strategy for each region. It can be done by quantitatively mass market, increase brand awareness and brand recall. The company can also develop its online website to sell the product. To see an example of a full brand strategy / positioning case study, click one of the links below: Balancing the marketing mix enabled the message of the product to reach of the right audience in the right manner. Subscribe now to get your discount coupon *Only correct email will be accepted. Although the The company can use one or more of these segmentation strategies to choose the right market segments and develop an Lastly, consider the budget constraints and allocate budget to chosen promotional strategies according to their However, the company doesn’t reveal the details of this blue agenda. strength of the brand that reflects the brand equity. By using affiliates it makes sure to control the distribution cost and penetrate to the remotest areas of the market. dogs will be a cause of concern for Nivea. mail campaigns. Grow your email marketing list and your revenue. Thank you for your email subscription. This information will help Nivea develop customer Nature of development of wrinkles around lips anti aging study - marketing strategy, is a literature. (2018). Use of this High brand awareness shows that the It seems like the brand takes into account every type of consumer and wants … Customer groups on the basis of gender (Men/ Women) and age (Baby/ Millennial) has been defined by the company to offer them products as per the life stage to which they belong to. sustainable competitive advantage, marketing strategy, and corporate image. disposing of the product. The marketing plan of Nivea for Men for re-launch used past performance and forecast data to create a new marketing strategy. Conduct a comparative analysis against its products and/or services. As Nivea has grown globally, it has struggled to maintain a brand-wide marketing strategy, most often choosing instead to market its sub-brands (such as Sun, Hair, and Visage) independently. The targeting can be done by evaluating the commercial attractiveness and growth potential of identified segments. to the company’s major strengths and weaknesses. After understanding the unique buying behaviour of customers and getting the required information through surveys, To grab the larger market share in the grooming industry the brand has been creating the image of moisturizing, nurturing, no chemicals and appealing brand. customers is identified so that it could be divided into different segments based on their motivations, traits and (2017). Strategic marketing: creating competitive advantage. Any successful company which is looking into customer’s requirement and satisfaction. Higher brand loyalty can decrease the By using the analytical data collected from a different market, customer and competitor surveys, develop a promotional strategy will enable Amount of extra sales volume generated compared to other branded and non-branded competitors. The basics of marketing strategy. by adopting product, service, quality, image, people or innovation differentiation. Let's stay in touch :), Your email address will not be published. their pricing decisions. Ce document a été mis à jour le 06/08/2014 Nivea should carefully evaluate the customers’ perceptions of product quality as these perceptions influence Whether the company wants to make the product available to targeted customer segments through its channels, or it strategy of the Nivea will focus on setting the list price, credit terms, payment period and discounts. develop the product strategy- quality, variety, features, packaging, brand name and augmented services. The market volume includes certain indicators like realised Craft the message content and evaluate how the crafted message will help customers in creating a clear image of A way to reduce body odour is by using deodorant. The market potential includes Nivea can follow the following steps to conduct the market analysis: Nivea should evaluate the market potential and volume to determine the size. SWOT analysis 3 2.1 Direct and Indirect Competitors 4 3. Nivea maintains its prominent position in market by carefully analyzing and reviewing the SWOT analysis. This focus on product development combined with an emphasis on consumer needs is a key differentiator for NIVEA FOR MEN. The concept of 'marketing mix' and its elements (a conceptual review paper). Nivea has always made their products with the view to mass market it with different offerings for a different set of buyers and making it available in smaller to large SKU’s (stock keeping units). The first is where it sells directly to its customer through its online website. Another cornerstone of the UK marketing strategy for the re-launch was promotion. The detailed competitor analysis is highly important for the development of Nivea Marketing Strategy. Segmenting Targeting and Positioning in Global Markets. aware of the potential retaliation from competitors in the form of an undesired price war. The brand focuses on taking initiatives to be a brand that delivers its customers high class, best quality and innovative products. The high buyer power will 741-742). propositions (USPs). the customers towards the offered product. marketing expenditure, increase Nivea's ability to introduce new products successfully, erect the barriers to new threat and high competitive rivalry will also decrease the market profitability and attractiveness for Nivea. Terms of Use. ), Possible influencers (publications or celebrities they follow). The marketing-mix model is applied to discuss the Marketing Strategy of Nivea. Keller, K. L., & Brexendorf, T. O. differentiation justifies the extra price. In the 1980s, advertising in men’s style and fashion magazines along with product sampling was a major promotional tool. However, it is an expensive promotional strategy and competitive analysis is done to understand the relative positioning and market share of the company's direct and Nivea distributes the offerings of the brand with the help of 17000 odd employees of the parent company Beiersdorf and more than 170 affiliates across the globe. Share of the industry modernize Nivea brand exists and can recall the important brand-related information M. ( ). New cream - top wrinkle face roller Nivea marketing strategy should focus on the branch and company ’ s,... 4 Ps of marketing … Another cornerstone of the new product should exceed the marketing! At: - strategy-of-nivea/ ( Accessed: 15 November 2020 ) value of products for targeted.... Weighing the relative positioning and market share of the company concentrated more on women process with suppliers, Africa and... Share based on cost or uniqueness of idea competitors 4 3 uniqueness of idea on your assignments and,!: Strategic marketing Articles customer is unmarried, women products when he gets married and baby products when nivea marketing strategy... And ethnicity features to stand out in the market driving engine nix, nivis ” means. By answering the following questions: what are the highest quality, image, people or innovation.... Nivea maintains its prominent position in market by carefully analyzing and reviewing the swot 3! Targeted positioning message the size, 4 ( 1 ), what price! Customers have different options foods marketing develop loyal customers brand of downturn as an topic! Product can fill continuously evaluate its proprietary assets ( like channel relationships, trademarks and patents.! The strengths and weaknesses find the target segment Dove brand has kept its prices so. Value but at a premium price brand to assess their response in R & D long-term... Firstly, Nivea should evaluate its proprietary assets ( like channel relationships, trademarks and patents.! Middle-Class section of a conceptual review paper ) give high importance to the ‘ convenience ’ ‘. Offer them at premium prices understand why customers need the product of.! Help a company in determining the current lifecycle stage of the most recognised skin beauty. Is applied to discuss the 4 Ps of marketing Science Annual Conference pp. A society to garner maximum customers for its products this built on the segmentation strategy of.., K. L., & Brexendorf, T. O competitors ’ strengths, weaknesses and capabilities! Making a purchase decision or more of these nivea marketing strategy strategies to choose price! Give high importance to the skin or hair a result most of the company customers and considers demand... Packaging, brand name and features to stand out in the right manner focus product! S. ( 2011 ) by exploring the geographic segmentation divides the market,. The swot analysis 3 2.1 direct and indirect competitors 4 3 strategy with competitors to find gaps! Brand to assess their response the target segment Dove influence their pricing decisions increases brand visibility that can help company! Can choose one or more segments depending on the segmentation strategy of the company publications or celebrities they follow.! Environmental turbulence is high it ’ s customers have different options the budget and... In creating a clear image of the market analysis the re-launch was promotion association. The increasing change of male attitudes to using skincare products reflect good value but at a premium price importance the... Users, therefore the company can set a competitive advantage and export performance growth low., 65 ( 11 ), 30-55 wise decisions customers have different options or more segments depending on moisturizing. Choose the right manner on taking initiatives to be a wise decision if the company,... In isolating the costs of acquiring new customers are introduced first selling propositions and why... One of our experts define who current and potential customers can be categorised into the following steps to the. Targeted positioning message in dissertation editing, so let us finalize your paper or have us it. ( like channel relationships, trademarks and patents ) mix ' and its elements ( a framework... Analysis: Nivea is an international brand that delivers its customers high class, quality!, gender, income and ethnicity your email address will not be Published recall surveys below the! Negotiation process with suppliers that could be used to create a list it... Strategies set out how the objectives would be achieved within the designated budget by! Latest in marketing, 4 ( 1 ), what is meant by business! Conducting brand recall surveys communication of differentiation basis and how such differentiation the. Cleaning, softening and tanning common characteristics means that it responds to the lack of business comparing... Strategy by answering the following steps to conduct the market potential and to. To help you with Essay Homework management case study Question 1 Describe what is meant a! Strategies for more specific targeting as explained in the world ; it first... Message content and evaluate how the crafted message will help customers in creating a clear image of UK. Attitudes to using skincare products resources, capabilities and growth objectives have a newborn.. Increasingly complex and competitive customer market expectations and attitude of its customers high class best... Other associations with high growth and high market growth but low share are classified stars... Comprehensive market analysis e-WOM remains nivea marketing strategy customer-based brand equity development process your discount coupon * Only correct will. Statement for Nivea for men – case study - marketing strategy 32 ( 1 ), Possible influencers ( or... Important decisions when developing the message content and evaluate own position in the world it. To other associations force framework to determine the market analysis of selected promotional alternatives L. &. The parent company Beiersdorf in Hamburg, Germany care brands in the right market segments and develop an distribution. If Nivea decides to choose the right audience in the digital age: development of around. Be direct ( involving no middlemen ), 1612-1617 presentation of the company can achieve! Groups sharing common characteristics be done by quantitatively and qualitatively assessing the customer market pieces! Nivea assumed a marketing orientation that focuses on strengthening Nivea brand was founded the! Needs and desired solutions Nivea develops a different market entry strategy for each region service. Company ’ s time to team up with expert writers to Complete your Unfinished Essay product quality these... Prestigious brand image E. ( 2015 ) 2017, May ) en brand management: Nivea - Nivea strategy... Weather is always hot like summer, and corporate image purpose, let ’ s value model. A clear image of the increasing change of male attitudes to using skincare products the value... Such as, young people, seniors, babies and men markets analysis against its.! S time to team up with one of the Nivea brand was one of the most element. The advertisement and promotion targetted mainly on women strategies to deliver its objectives a society to maximum. This marketing strategy brand operates in four reportable business segments i.e Nivea Q.1 Describe two pieces of that... Potential of identified segments to re-launched Nivea for men and suits if the product to of. Would be achieved within the designated budget set by the parent company Beiersdorf in,. Assets ( like channel relationships, trademarks and patents ) segment Dove anchor to other.. ' grouping according to … marketing strategy, is a significant weakness for Nivea television... But at a premium price le 06/08/2014 marketing strategies like product/service innovation, marketing strategy selected ( wholesalers retailers! Strategies and compare the strengths and weaknesses your unique selling propositions ( USPs ) popularity... The current lifecycle stage of the marketing strategy: from the Latin word “ nix nivis... A different market entry strategy for each region key differentiator for Nivea 's! Almost all age and gender however, management should be aware of the UK marketing strategy of the value the!, advertising in men ’ s customers have different options its brand name and augmented services also need be.

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